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Everyone has a “Story”

When I present this work, more often than not, I find someone who has a personal story they can share to put these climate changes in real life perspective. Today, I thought I would share one that has come up … Continue reading

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The Peer Review Process

We have been working hard writing, editing, and formatting portions of the work you have been reading about over the last few months. Why? Because we will be submitting two manuscripts soon for consideration to be published in a scientific … Continue reading

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What is a Climate Normal?

In this investigation, you’ve heard me talk a lot about past trends and future trends. Both are important perspectives in understanding how climate has changed (past), how it will possibility change (future), and the confidence we have in those future … Continue reading

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Precipitation and Streamflow Connections

Last week, we took a look at streamflow changes in the Susquehanna, Potomac, and James Rivers. Today, we’ll look at precipitation connections to that streamflow. Why? At the heart of this study are the 26 climate extreme indices that were … Continue reading

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Streamflow Changes

It is obvious that streamflow is a very important to the Chesapeake Bay. In fact, the input of fresh water from major rivers, such as the Susquehanna, is what makes Chesapeake Bay an estuary! Streamflow changes can affect the Chesapeake … Continue reading

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