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Problem Solving: Determining Growing Season Start and End Date

A while back, you may remember my quest to calculate the start and end date of the growing season length in the near-shore Chesapeake Bay area. Our previous work has found strong confidence that the growing season has gotten longer … Continue reading

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Rain, Streamflow, and Nitrogen Loading

If you read this blog regularly, you probably see me write about precipitation a lot! (You can check out some old posts here!) And for good reason! Precipitation is something everyone living in the Chesapeake Bay near-shore region pays attention … Continue reading

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White Paper Image Preview

What is one of the most important and exciting aspects of this research project? It’s a collaboration. In addition to email exchanges and this blog, we meet biannually in-person with all our partners. On March 2nd, a mere 2.5 weeks … Continue reading

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What can we do with Total Annual Precipitation?

One of the strongest observed climate patterns in the Chesapeake Bay Region has been an increase in the total annual precipitation. This index is one of our most straightforward; total annual precipitation is simply the sum of precipitation over the … Continue reading

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Changing Chesapeake: Tropical Nights

Over the past couple months, we’ve described the Climate Change Indices Growing Season Length and Frost Days. It’s pretty obvious from their names what these indices describe. ┬áThis week, we’re going to focus on another index that isn’t so obvious … Continue reading

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