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Assigning Confidence

It’s no secret, climate change research is a hot topic. As we know, climate change does not just mean “warming”. While global, and Chesapeake Bay, temperatures have  increased over the past century (Figure 1), there are other changes we need … Continue reading

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Cold Snaps and Warm Winters are Bad News for Some Bay Creatures

  Last week Kari discussed the concept of cold snaps in the Chesapeake Region and their potential impact on migratory animals that make the Bay their home in the summer and fall. This post will examine cold snaps and why they … Continue reading

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What does this crazy weather look like on a graph?

Bonus Post! If you’re like me, then the temperature change between this past Sunday (January 10th) and Monday (January 11th) fascinated you! On Sunday, temperatures at Jug Bay, MD reached 62°F and Taskinas Creek, VA reached 67°F. It felt weird … Continue reading

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Be on the lookout for cold stunned critters

Yesterday, the Virginia Aquarium rescued its first cold stunned turtle of the season in Virginia waters. Earlier this week, they took in 8 turtles that were stranded in New England. Officials in Delaware also sent out a warning yesterday to … Continue reading

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