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Using our data to investigate eelgrass die-offs

Eelgrass, Zostera marina, is an important species of submerged underwater vegetation in Chesapeake Bay. This sea grass is not only a pretty neat organism, but it a vital habitat for many iconic organisms, such as the blue crab. However, eelgrass … Continue reading

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Using Jug Bay for insight in the occurrence of really (REALLY) hot days

Summary: In this post (sorry for the length), we will explore the utility of the high frequency SWMP data and its ecological application in Chesapeake Bay. It’s at the end, I promise! For the extreme climate analysis section of this … Continue reading

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Science for all Ages

Bonus mid-week post! Sometimes science can be too technical. Great new findings and discoveries do not mean as much if they are written and displayed in a complex and uninteresting way. That is why science communication is so important! We … Continue reading

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Investigating Summertime Rainy Days

One of my favorite parts of science is the investigative aspect. That is, being presented with a question, then using data to come to an answer. Since it is Friday, and I have been working on a return period analyses, … Continue reading

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Behind the Scenes of Science: Literature Review

One of the most common practices in science, if not THE most common practice, is one that often gets little recognition. All scientists, from a grade school student in science class to a graduate student working on their thesis to … Continue reading

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