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Quality Controls

I have been spending some time looking at the meteorological and water quality parameters available for Jug Bay, MD and Taskinas Creek, VA, both of which are sites within the Chesapeake Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve (NERR) network (Figure 1). … Continue reading

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Connectivity: What are the relationships between our indices?

The ocean affects our climate. That statement is something you learn from day 1 in any oceanographic or weather studies class. While we know that other natural and human-caused factors also affect climate (i.e. greenhouse gases, volcanic eruptions), our ocean … Continue reading

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Having fun with SWMPr

This post is meant to introduce you to a wonderful new R packaged called SWMPr, specifically designed to work with the System Wide Monitoring System (SWMP) data. SWMPr has a function for that! The Centralized Data Management Center is home … Continue reading

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Input Wanted! How can we make the data available to you!

Pre-claimer: This post is different! Victoria and I have decided to start an open conversation with you, the reader and hopeful future user of these climate data! Our goal is to get you thinking and talking about how we could … Continue reading

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Elevator Pitches and Cool Discoveries

Monday, I was invited to give a brief presentation at NOAA (Silver Spring, MD) to highlight our current work. Currently, we have so many neat findings and discoveries, I found myself asking: what do I highlight in the small time … Continue reading

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