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Return Periods for Annual Precipitation

Introduction to Return Periods Return period, also called a recurrence interval, is likely a term you’ve come across, even if it’s currently drawing a blank. A return period is the same as saying “this is a 100-year flood.” By definition, … Continue reading

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Science at Work: Perceptions and Products

Science and Stereotypes In its original conception, the main goal of SciencePensieve was to show the scientific method at work! Thus, this blog is not only a communication tool on the progress of this NOAA-funded project, but also a tool … Continue reading

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Data Visualization: Correlation Matrices

What is a Correlation Matrix? There are 26 extreme climate indices for temperature and precipitation being investigated in this project. What if we wanted to know which climate indices had any relationship to each other? For example, is there any … Continue reading

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Historical Changes to Potomac Streamflow

Introduction to Streamflow Changes to streamflow can affect many estuarine processes in Chesapeake Bay. What is streamflow (also called discharge)? Streamflow is the measurement of how much water passes through a fixed point (where the gauge is placed) and is … Continue reading

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