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Status Update: White Paper Outline

If you have been following this blog, you may have noticed that we have been very climate focused! And with good reason: the first major product of this project is a white paper report focused around climate extremes in the … Continue reading

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Historical Changes to Extreme Climate Events

One of the unique aspects of this climate “chapter” is that we are using historical data to reconstruct already observed climate changes in addition to the future projections. The historical data is just that: recorded temperature and precipitation from the … Continue reading

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R scripts: How did I make this plot?

Organization and data display is proving to be integral in this climate analysis “chapter.” We have 26 climate indices, 11 of which are monthly (meaning there are up to 12 plots per index), for the 20 data products selected I … Continue reading

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Diving into the water

The beginning “phase” of this project has been to historically reconstruct the extreme climate trends and to project those trends into the future. This information is proving to be highly valuable and intriguing and will hopefully provide some insight to … Continue reading

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Visualizing Data

Almost all of our analyses are done using the R computer language. One of R’s best features is its wonderful plotting capabilities. We have been viewing our weather data as a time series, meaning that the x-axis is a time, … Continue reading

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